My Recovery Rewind – Part 4

This was originally published on January 9, 2018.

**Disclaimer: I had a plan for my token posts. I had a timeline. But it wasn’t in line with God’s plan and since his plans are way better than mine, I’m not going to kick myself for failing to sticking to it.  While I’d like to say that I embrace change, that does not ring true all the time.  If someone or something gets in the way of my intended plans, I push back or just quit all together.  When I reflect on my recovery process, that could not be further from the truth.  Keep reading my blog and you’ll see why.**

img_847790 Days – 3 months: This token represents my 12 weeks of maternity leave with A1. I would totally give anything for that time back and I never thought I’d say that…

…and now I am crying…

…moving on…


img_84786 months (x3): #1: for the first 6 months of my mandatory 18 month program for my second DUI.* I had to take a leave of absence because my due date with A1 was coming up and if you’re a woman who has had children, you know that the last 4 weeks of pregnancy are miserable (much like the last year of my drinking career.) 

#2: for the 6 months I spent back in my counselors group and our 1:1 sessions. My counselor was one of THE coolest women in recovery that I have ever met and I was sad when our time together came to an end. To you, you know who the heck you are: thank you!  Thank you for seeing me for who I was when I didn’t even know myself.  You made our group sessions enjoyable and I hope that we can meet for coffee one of these days.  

#3: for the final 6 months of my program. New home, new county, new counselor(s), new baby…now thems are some good ol’days.

img_84799 months (x2):

For my 2 pregnancies** Yes, it took two people for me to get pregnant but I sacrificed my entire body for 18 months growing these little humans and if you add the 3 months of maternity leave for both, you’ve got 24 months. You seeing a pattern here? I am and it’s blowing my f’ing mind.


Published by Holly "Pixie" Hust

I am a "12 Stepper" who also practices harm reduction recovery in sunny southern California. I am a wife and mother who strives to help other women discover their relationship with alcohol and how they can live their best lives without it.

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