My Recovery Rewind – Part 6

Here I go with ANOTHER disclaimer: Today was an emotional one for me.  I know I’ve been relatively transparent thus far and I will continue to be but there’s just some things that need to be kept private.  No, it’s not something I would drink over, not today anyway.  But it IS something that wouldContinue reading “My Recovery Rewind – Part 6”

My Recovery Rewind – Part 5

1 year (x2): For the 2 sponsors (S1&S2) I have had in my recovery.  Are either of them my sponsor now? No.* However, like my birdies, without them, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. I wanted to dedicate this post to them with both affirmations and amends but after composing S1 and startingContinue reading “My Recovery Rewind – Part 5”

My Recovery Rewind – Part 3

60 Days – 2 months – for the two months I didn’t drink* which got my reproductive system functioning properly and boom, my first of many “rewards” for getting sober, my firstborn. If it weren’t for her, I (probably) would have relapsed again. I don’t know though. I was TERRIFIED of the consequences if I didContinue reading “My Recovery Rewind – Part 3”

My Recovery Rewind – Part 1

The next 6 posts were originally published early January, 2018. My Recovery Rewind  – 18 tokens in a 6 part series. First, for those unfamiliar with what tokens are, allow me to explain: In 12-Step Programs, tokens (aka chips) are given to members to commemorate a milestone in recovery: 24hrs, 30 days, 60 days, 90Continue reading “My Recovery Rewind – Part 1”