My Recovery Rewind – Part 1

The next 6 posts were originally published early January, 2018.

My Recovery Rewind  – 18 tokens in a 6 part series.

First, for those unfamiliar with what tokens are, allow me to explain:

In 12-Step Programs, tokens (aka chips) are given to members to commemorate a milestone in recovery: 24hrs, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year and every year after that they stay sober/clean.  When someone reaches one of those milestones, it is suggested that they ask another alcoholic/addict to give them their token(s).  I say plural because we are also encouraged to “take” 3:

1 for ourselves, 1 for God and 1 for the newcomer.

In my close to 6 years of recovery (now 9,) I have picked up a total of 18 tokens and this post is the first of an 6 part series in sharing my tokens and what they all represent to me:


My Birds of a Feather

24hrs (x4): one for each of my besties “doin’ the deal” with me 24/7. You know who the heck you are. If it weren’t for you women, I would have defected from AA a long time ago and more than likely would have drank. Each of you have been instrumental in my recovery and I’d like to personally thank you one by one, in order of how much “time” each of you have. Read on, please visit the Letters page:

I’ve got more peas in my pod who are NOT in recovery and you ladies know WTF you are.  Keep on reading because I’m pretty sure you’ll get mentioned in multiple posts (if not get your own.)


Published by Holly "Pixie" Hust

I am a "12 Stepper" who also practices harm reduction recovery in sunny southern California. I am a wife and mother who strives to help other women discover their relationship with alcohol and how they can live their best lives without it.

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