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Gidget 2017

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Gidget’s final visit was the night before Christmas Eve. A1&A2 had an overnight with their grandparents so that we could wrap gifts.  So Gidget sent the girls an email…she’s so clever, hehe.

Dear A1 & A2,

I was scrolling through your mom’s phone and found this picture of you and it looked so fun so I had to try it myself. Did you know this angel moves?!?! It was a little bit of a challenge but boy oh boy was it fun.

Anyway, I stopped by last night for my final visit. Man, Santa really piled the work on me this year. It’s all good though, it was fun and worth it knowing how happy it makes you both. Nothing is more important to Mr. & Mrs. Claus than to give you guys the most magical and amazing Christmas year after year.  

A1, can I tell you something else? They also think next year you’ll be old enough to experience the joy of giving to other kids who don’t get to have as amazing of Christmas’ as you. I don’t have time to explain but your parents can explain how that will work later.

I had a lot of fun surprising you girls this Christmas season. It’s time for me go back to the North Pole and take a 6 month nap. I hope you have the bestest Christmas with your families. I gotta say, you guys are THE most blessed and loved children. Never forget that.

Love always,

Ps, my present to you is in your mommy’s and daddy’s bathroom. Sounds weird, I know but you’ll see why. (hint, it’s for bathtime!)